Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Birthday Party

Pepito is about to wake up from his nap - but real quick - the party decor from William's Pepito Burrito Birthday Party.

the whole room, burrito bar, chips, fruit, and cupcakes - yum!

Sweet Buffet - entirely too many cupcakes and rainbow twizzlers!

Happy Birthday Pepito Burrito Pennant Banner 
using the stripes from the invitation

Found a good use for Pepito's Month Number pictures, 
complete with his "crowning achievement" of that month

Seriously - 48 cupcakes might've been a little overkill...ha!

There were an exorbitant amount of pink and purple helium balloons  
so they all went on the twizzler favors

I will be more on the ball in a little bit and show y'all the invitations - which if I'm going to brag a little big - were AWESOME.  And it was the only thing I had to go off of for the party colors, etc.  That's what I get for not having a real theme, only colors and the idea of a burrito bar...  And to be perfectly honest, I was almost in tears having a serious meltdown a week before the party because I hadn't done anything to prep, except for making the tablecloth.  haha!  It all ended well, so that was a relief.  But I won't leave it for last minute next year, that's for sure!  (best laid plans...right?!)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nothing like a birthday party to motivate

It has been a busy couple of weeks - hence no new posts.  Sorry about that.  There was a week to prep for an interview (I didn't get the job - boo to them), a week to prep for the beach, a week at the beach, a week to celebrate Sam & William's birthday and that brings us to now.  I made a booboo on William's party invitation and accidentally bought myself an extra week in getting ready for it!  Yay!!  My subconscious must've know I'd need the extra time...

Anyhow - so in honor of Pepito's birthday party this coming weekend - we decided it was high time we made our screen porch look pretty enough to put some people out there.  Our house isn't THAT big and we are going to have A LOT of people/kids running around, so we need all the space we can squeeze out!!

It has been on the to-do list all along to fix up the porch.  We had already painted the furniture blue for our anniversary but the floor was still ugly.  Super ugly.  And we could've painted it, but yuck.  We hate painting.  Plus, it would still be concrete which is a hassle to clean up pollen, dirt, etc, and it would be less than comfy for the very mobile little boy.  So, we decided on indoor/outdoor carpeting.

Brilliant.  It was super easy to put in, even though we cut the template wrong and had to "make it work".  Luckily we had gotten extra carpet so it's all good.  We just used double sided carpet tape and tacked it down.  Easy cheesey.  And it may not last forever, but since it was way under $100, that's absolutely number one a-ok.  We love it.  William loves it.  And I love that now I can open the doors (when it's not murderously hot/humid) and he can wander out and play and I don't have to worry about anything.  Fall is going to be lovely.

Then Sam woke me up this morning all motivated to plant new plants, and I will never argue with him if it's HIS decision to buy pretty green things, so off we went Lowe's bright and early.  We have a wonderful history of killing flowers, so we thought we'd try greenery this time around.  So far, after 5 hours, they're still alive.  I'm taking it as a good sign.  Ha!  We did get one big flower pot thing for the center of the table, but it's an annual - so it's going to die eventually anyway.

So - if you are coming to the birthday party - I hope you go to the screen porch - we worked hard on it!!  Well, not too hard, but you get the point...!!


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