Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Birthday Party

Pepito is about to wake up from his nap - but real quick - the party decor from William's Pepito Burrito Birthday Party.

the whole room, burrito bar, chips, fruit, and cupcakes - yum!

Sweet Buffet - entirely too many cupcakes and rainbow twizzlers!

Happy Birthday Pepito Burrito Pennant Banner 
using the stripes from the invitation

Found a good use for Pepito's Month Number pictures, 
complete with his "crowning achievement" of that month

Seriously - 48 cupcakes might've been a little overkill...ha!

There were an exorbitant amount of pink and purple helium balloons  
so they all went on the twizzler favors

I will be more on the ball in a little bit and show y'all the invitations - which if I'm going to brag a little big - were AWESOME.  And it was the only thing I had to go off of for the party colors, etc.  That's what I get for not having a real theme, only colors and the idea of a burrito bar...  And to be perfectly honest, I was almost in tears having a serious meltdown a week before the party because I hadn't done anything to prep, except for making the tablecloth.  haha!  It all ended well, so that was a relief.  But I won't leave it for last minute next year, that's for sure!  (best laid plans...right?!)

1 comment:

Ashley said...

You guys did such a good job! Everything was super cute...and Tim informed me when I got home that I should have brought all of the left over cupcakes home with me lol


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