Friday, June 4, 2010

Dress It Up & Review It

So, for all the lack in interior design related posts, or really just posting in general, I just want you to know that I have a reason.  It's probably not a good one but my closet thanks me.  I've been selfish sewing for a couple weeks now.  Making skirts and dresses mostly.  Skirts for another day - Today is about the dresses.

When I was working - I lived in dresses.  Especially when I lost all that weight and got to enjoy shopping in the smaller single digits!!  Too bad it was shortlived - got preggo - but anyhow.  Point is - I LOVE dresses.  So girly, fun, and easy to wear!!  My current, post baby, wardrobe was lacking casual dresses for when I wanted to feel pretty but still had baby and nowhere to go but WalMart.  And it's kind of funny - I only buy patterns when they're on sale for $1 - sometimes I'll pay $1.99 but NEVER EVER EVER full price - what a rip off!!  I would cry if I spent more on the pattern then on the fabric itself!  And I never pay a whole lot for the fabric either.  I like to keep my total cost under $10 an item, including zippers, etc. so I stalked remnants and red tag like it's my job and have truly come to love broadcloth.  Cheap, cotton, pretty, tailored.  Love.  Moving on to the fun pictures - though please excuse my facial expressions, less than perfectly clean hair, and the remotes on the floor.

These are three of my most recent favorites...

McCall's M5659

I bought these fabrics at JoAnn's when their redtag fabrics were half off - $1.50 & $1.00 per yard.  I think I bought 3 yards of each...  The print is navy & purple leaves with pink background and the more solid is kinda like a crosshatch texture in purple & pink.  I made this dress weeks ago to wear to a baby shower for a sweet friend (remember the nursery?!)  This might be one of my all time favorite dresses in my closet right this very second.  So very very wearable.  No spanx required - though a racerback bra does come in handy.  If I remember correctly - is was pretty easy to master the directions - curvy sewing and all - but I think when it came to the top I made up my own be forewarned.  And pockets are easy!!  Adds a half dozen extra steps but I miss the pockets when I don't have them.  I highly suggest this one!   You will wear it out!  Mine ends up in the laundry every single week.

Simplicity 2702

I also bought this great green stretch cotton, it does have a basketweave kinda texture but I can't remember the official name for this type of fabric at the moment (mom brain!), at JoAnn's half off red tag sale.  Maybe $2.00 or $3.00 a yard?  Now, I'm fairly happy with how it finally turned out but I will never make this dress again - what a pain!  The instructions were impossible to understand.  Seriously - I didn't know what I was sewing there for about an hour.  I just stared at the gray piece of paper trying to make it make sense.  The collar was the hardest part.  And I ended up winging it - it's fine - just don't look too closely - it's not the neatest sewing I've ever done.  So - cute dress - but no thankyou.  And I'm not sure how I feel about the extreme flutter sleeves.  The girls at school thought I looked cute, and I will wear it again definitely, but I'm not 100% thrilled with it.  Just saying.  So don't make this one unless you are a rocket scientist and don't need the directions.

Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity 2497

YOU MUST MAKE THIS NOW!!!!!!!  Seriously - I am in love.  And you can adjust the size of every piece to make sure that it fits you perfectly.  (I didn't do that and am glued/spanxed within an inch of my life but I got it zipped and that's all that matters!)  I don't think that next time I will put the pockets in.  The zipper overlaps the pocket a bit and I couldn't understand how to fix it - so next time - no pockets for me - or I'll try and figure out a way to put the zipper down the back.  Probably wouldn't be that difficult.  This fabric is just black broadcloth bought with 40% off coupon - so I think 5 yards was around $8.00!!!  It's also REALLY REALLY easy to sew - fabric and pattern - so do it now!  And I obviously made the maxi dress - but there is a mini and knee length cut lines if you don't want it to the floor.  (and the reason I look like I lost a bit of leg - there's a slit and I was hopping to get in front of the timer before it took the picture so there wasn't any time to fluff...)

I mean, c'mon, could the ruffle collar be any cooler?!  And I seriously got stopped while grocery shopping this morning - someone asking where I bought my dress - and I felt so bad when their face dropped when I said that I made it.  But I was grinning slyly on the inside!  THAT is why I sew!!!  (and what's that face I'm making?!  Weird non-smile smile?!!  note to self - cut head off next time...)

Next time I think I'll post the easiest skirt ever - with all kinds of ways to jazz it up without thinking at all.  I hope you enjoyed this installment of "indulging Meghan & her sewing"!  Have a great weekend!


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Omg! Amazing day to find your blog. I'm in love with all of the outfits!

Oh course I can't sew for anything, but I'm currently lusting for your black dress.

It screams me. So if you would be so kind to mail it to NY I will forever be your BFF! :)

Meghan said...

Awe - Thanks!! I found yours ages ago - when I was definitely too chicken to leave comments - but love!!

I am currently absolutely obsessed with the black dress - as I sit here sucked into it! A friend just dropped by though and told me I looked so thin though! Success - considering I've still got 25 lbs of baby weight hanging out underneath it all! ha!!

Email me if you like - we might be able to work something out if you lust that bad! ;)

Lindsey said...

you rock!!! these are awesome!

[gotta get sewing back on my agenda!]

Liz @ It's Great To Be Home said...

Holy moly! I'm with Camila, I can sew a straight line and that's about it, but your dresses are definitely an inspiration to learn! I would totally rock all 3 and wear a SIGN saying I made them - great job. :)

Meghan said...

Thanks y'all!! Seriously - the more I sew - the more I realize it's all just straight lines really!! You can totally do it! Just don't start with expensive fabric - I'm still too scaredy cat to buy something REALLY beautiful, atleast for the first try. Just go slow and don't be ashamed if you have to rip a seam or two - I always do!! Good luck! Have fun!!

Tara said...

L-O-V-E # 2 ans 3. Would you be willing to make me one? Maybe we could barter with some baby items on my website I do know how to sew but I hate using patterns and prefer to embroider and applique. You've got skills!

Meghan said...

Thanks Tara! I would be happy to make #3 - but I am absolutely not touching the second one, especially for someone else - sorry. It was NOT a good experience! ha! ;)

Your appliques are so cute - and pepito's birthday IS coming up.... hmmm...

Email me - - and let's talk!

Meghan said...

Tara - what I meant by not touching it for someone else is - I'm not sure that I could fix the issues I had and have the sewing be good enough to make for someone else... I wasn't trying to short or snarky - just left out some words of the sentence... Oops!

Sarah said...

I just found your those dresses. I am trying to whip some up for the summer myself. Great job!


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