Monday, September 27, 2010

For Sale!

We are the crazy kids selling our house....AGAIN.   This marks the third house for sale in three years.  First one, - 2007, Second - 2009, and now this one - 2010.  Our sweet realtor LOOOVVEES us, and it certainly doesn't hurt that we love her back!  We've become great friends over the years and, honestly, I'm excited to have a reason to talk to her almost every day again.  Love Renee!!

And the funny part is - we love our house.  We haven't outgrown it, actually just got it looking like we always wanted it to, and it suits our needs perfectly.  I guess we're just THOSE people (the ones who "enjoy" moving every two years) and we should embrace it.  We just love houses.  We love searching for the perfect "right now" fit and all the planning to make it ours and beautiful.  Then, just as we're finishing up  to make it perfection, we get antsy again and want to repeat.  So funny - I swore I would never pay capital gains again...oh well.  It'll be minimal at most. ;)

Last week was hardcore finish up the tedious project time.  IE: painting almost ALL the trim in the house.  And painting the kitchen and storage closet.  And installing indoor/outdoor carpet over the unsightly linoleum.  I was a busy busy bee.  I literally JUST finished all the painting and carpet install.  Sam is so lucky to have me.  I have become a pro trim painter and will no longer be able to get away with doing just the rolling - boo to that.  Anyhow.  The house is now spick & span and ready for hundreds of people to pass through - I can hope atleast!  

So here's the final product of (almost) all the rooms in the house, we left out the storage closet and the laundry room....gotta leave something a surprise!!  (plus, they don't photograph well...)

Our Cute House

Living Room - much bigger than it looks from exterior!

Love Love Love the French Doors

Especially because THIS porch is on the other side of them!

Dining Room - too bad I never bought the fabric for the draperies...or is it?! ha!

French doors in this room too!!

Hallway - we love the overall flow of the house

Master Bedroom


Second Bedroom - aka William's Nursery

Kitchen - and the retro stove/oven works PERFECTLY!


Kitchen - buffet/kitty dinner area ;)

Third Bedroom = Our office/sewing room

That's the quick and dirty home tour.  It was fun while it lasted - we enjoyed making it pretty again - it sure was rough when we got it.  Hopefully the next owners will love it as much as we have!!


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

How exciting! I've been having the itch lately too. It happens once a year or so, then we look at a few houses and can't find anything we like for the $$. Have fun looking for the next house!

3D ultrasounds said...

wow it's sooo beautiful collection. :)


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