Friday, February 19, 2010

A Tisket A Tasket

I love all things basket, box, and container. Just ask Sam - it's quite the obsession. We had to get two of those ginormous UHaul boxes to move all my baskets. I. LOVE. THEM. And it just so happens that I am on the hunt for one (or two) to go under the tv/radio cabinet in the living room to hold William's toys. I haven't really put a whole lot of effort into it and I'm not sure if I want/need a lid - though it would be nice to officially hide the toys...hmm. I am sure that I don't want to pay what I will probably have to pay to get what I want. And then it occurred to me - I have exactly what we need - all it needs is a new, pretty, living room appropriate lining.

some day I will have a very organized office with bookshelves filled with these ikea boxes.
some day.
And off to the sewing machine yet again! (I think I make up excuses to sew now - it's getting kinda ridiculous...)

love pottery barn. hate the price tag.
Now of course I would much prefer to have a huge, wonderful basket that holds anything & everything - only problem is we have no where to put it. Especially since we already have one and it holds our blankets. Plus, on the flip side - I don't want it to scream A KID LIVES IN THIS HOUSE CAN'T YOU TELL BY THE HUMONGOUS CHEST!!! I really try not to have the house be so baby - atleast when people come over. Now if you just drop by - yeah - you're gonna get hit by the walker, jumper in the doorway, and trip over about a dozen rattles & rings but that's what you get when I have no warning. I can't keep up the clean house 24/7 - it's all just a show.

Target trunk basket.
Back to the matter at hand. We needed something low, so it would fit. And probably don't need the lining - but I can't pass up the opportunity to add some pattern. I am all about layering pattern on pattern on pattern. Some people may not be into it - but the more the merrier to me. It all makes me happy.

we are always watching PBS these days - and I probably should've closed the cabinet door before taking the picture - oh well - best laid plans.
The green fabric to the left of the cable box is the original lining - does NOTHING for our fabric story.
Now I have never sewn anything with this many corners and three dimensional corners and I'm a little worried. But it's not going to destroy THAT much fabric if I screw it up and for crying out loud it's for toys and it's going UNDER the cabinet so it won't matter at all if it looks wonky. Just saying.

i decided to use scraps from the french door window panels and it worked out perfectly yardage wise - gotta love that.
Turns out - it was really easy - somehow my measurements got a little - so it's slightly weird - but no one will ever know but me. And the outside corners didn't sit right, so I hand tacked some ribbons and I love the navy bows on each corner. and - Sam thought it was cute. Though I think he has picked up on the fact that I appreciate hearing that my hardwork is worth it but, for now, I am going to pretend it is every bit of sincere that I hope it to be.

And sorry that there isn't a before picture or action shots during construction. I decided to sew this late last night and now I'm in a chocolate induced coma thanks to my bestest.

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