Sunday, February 28, 2010

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Haha - this is only funny because my hubs is morally against recycling. Really only because he doesn't like that the city wants us to pay for the recycling bin - whatever. Doesn't bother me.

too excited to wait until daylight to take the pictures...
On my attic surfing adventure - I re-found these two frames (top). They actually held some very nice fruit prints, but the fruit didn't really work colorwise with our living room. However - they happened to be the perfect size to fit some gorgeous botanical prints we had, if I ignored the lack of matting. (which I was happy to do.)

Previously, just the green matted prints were on this wall, more centered, and while it looked just fine, I couldn't help but layer on some more. Now - if you can picture it with my favorite floral fabric draperies - it's just perfect. :)

Gotta love totally free projects. Had everything I needed ready to go - but the hammer. It took me almost an hour to find it. Better late than never I guess. (turns out I had put it away in its correct resting place - silly me)

On the matter of not matting - of course we would rather have a larger frame with a mat to really do the print justice but it finally just seemed silly to me to avoid hanging something on the wall that makes me happy because of that. Why "suffer" when "making do" isn't that bad. I might even decide that I like the prints unmatted - who knows?!

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