Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sewing Up a Storm

OK - so I haven't really done anything related to design or home lately, though I am starting to let my obsession with all things container out, but that's for another day.

I have been busy reinstating my sanity by sewing. I've been making window treatments, dresses for gifts, and little jon-jons for William. I even got up the guts to try an EASY pattern for me. Sewing is my quiet, stress release time and all the things on hangers prove it! haha!

Without further ado - what I've been so busy with.

This was for a friend for her office.
Taken JUST before I realized that I had the fabric upside down. Boo. Had to rip the seams and flip over. Luckily, that only took 1.5 hours.
Made for a dear friend with the cutest little girl. I also made a matching flower headband. Can't wait to see her in warm weather!
I bought this cute green lineny fabric remnant for $2 or less. Finally stopped making little dresses and made this for William. So springy and happy.
How cute is my kid?!
Got this plaid for $1.95 a yard yesterday at Hancock's.
When does spring get here?
First attempt at a shirt for me. Silly me grabbed the wrong size pattern - so the shirt is 2-3 sizes too big but Sam says it's "tunic-y" and looks cute. (and those clothes behind are clean I promise!)
Please excuse the dirty mirror - William likes to touch it with his nose and I didn't realize it was so icky... I love this one and the fabric was $6 for both patterns I think - I might make my entire warm weather wardrobe out of just this shirt. ;)

I am pleasantly surprised by my skills. I can pretty much almost always sew in a straight line and I even figured out how to make my own bias tape and sew it on! And it's so much fun making the little outfits for gifts - that I think it might become my staple baby gift. I did make a super cute dress for a baby shower but I think she reads this blog - so I can't post it. But she (ASHLEY!!) is going to die - atleast I hope so....

So this is how I keep my sanity much to the chagrin of my husband who would like his dining room table back, even though we eat at the coffee table...just saying. ;)


Ashley said...

I am soooooo excited to see it!!!! Less than two weeks YAY! At least I don't have to be in suspense for too long!

Meghan said...

I feel like I slightly ruined the surprise... I will have to think of something fabulous to add to it. ;) I can't wait - and I know you're READY!


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