Monday, February 1, 2010

Everything in its place

At Forest, aka the dream house with an amazing amount of closet space, I had an entire closet devoted to all things crafty, party, and decorative. When we moved to this house - we have one extra closet, in the hall, and it's tiny and not near adequate for what we needed it to hold. And try as I might I was never able to keep all things sewing and crafty in order on the one shelf I had. Nevermind that I also needed to keep extra linens, vacuum cleaner, etc in this closet as well. It was a disaster and it frustrated me and irritated Sam. I could never find what I needed, so I would end up buying duplicates, and that's just no good.

Enter my childhood dresser. Poor thing has been moved I don't know how many times and Bella, our "little" brown dog used it for teething. Several houses ago we decided to paint it red, who knows why, and now it needs to be painted something a little less HI HOW ARE YOU!! but until then it has become my organization for all things fun. And it's in the back of the house, next to the computer, and is in no one's way - except for the maybe the attic hatch...

I am totally a person who likes everything to have a place and everything to be IN that place (though I can never find my keys so I fall short often) - so this makes me crazy happy to have tackled this when I should've been doing other things. I now know exactly where my paints, papers, ribbons, cards, bags, boxes, hot glue, everything is. And this made it SO easy to wrap a baby gift for a friend this weekend. I kinda wished I had more things to wrap I was so excited!

In my master plan - I also have one of those awesome hanging organizers for ribbon and the like - but I've got to convince Sam to build me one. "add it to the list"

This one by Centsational Girl

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