Sunday, February 21, 2010

Target Is Psychic

Our Master Bedroom has been a 'struggle' for me. We picked the paint color because we had liked it so much in the guest bedroom at the dream house, but the bedding was for a full bed & we had to leave the roman shades with the house, so we knew that we would have to get new bedding, draperies, etc. Then I found the most gorgeous peacock white/chocolate toile fabric and fell in love so I made curtain panels to go behind our bed. And then I got stuck. We have always like the "hotel" bedding, simple and easy borders, and could get it for under $100 in white and chocolate and thought that would fix the problem. But something was always nagging at me. I felt like the wall color was random and just plopped on the wall with no real plan. I waffled between painting the walls a more neutral color and going very monochromatic with the color scheme, to trying to find a new fabric for the windows because the corallyorange was feeling like such a random paint color choice.

But we still loved the color and truthfully, I didn't want to have to move all the furniture and paint the room when we JUST finished painting the last room in the house. And then, we had to go to Target to get prescriptions refilled, and while wandering around, it happened. Target knew exactly what I needed and saved me all the trouble of either searching endlessly or painting.

I couldn't believe it. The color was perfect, the pattern was just 'eclectic' enough to make all the random wall art fit it, and it was lovely. Sam and I both stopped in our tracks. He continued on looking at other stuff and keeping the cart moving so William would stay happy - and I just stayed there holding the bedspread and thinking, trying to vision the "new" plan.

random picture from google - don't remember where I found it -but aren't the panels lovely?!
Unfortunately, now the peacock window treatments have to go. Way too busy and formal to go with the new bedspread - we're going to try them in the dining room - but I don't think they are going to do anything for that room - but we'll see. And to replace them in the bedroom - I'm thinking burlap curtains. It's cheap, chic, and will be a perfect neutral warm tone addition to the room. I'm feeling optimistic now and completely unstuck about our bedroom.

picture found at Freckles Chick, but I think it's originally from The Lettered Cottage
Remind me to never "design" a room without a full and complete plan again. Way too difficult to just add to it as I go without a full vision of what I want. And it's hard (and sort of embarrassing) to admit that because it was my job to help other people get unstuck and always have the answer. But all is well that ends well.

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