Tuesday, February 16, 2010

For the Moms and beyond

For Christmas we asked for formula. All you moms out there understand I am sure. The cost of formula is crippling our budget and since we don't "need" anything, Sam thought it would be wonderful if we were to receive months of supply. Our family rocks - we got almost 2 months of formula as gifts!!

and so it begins...
Some of the formula came in the form of cans, and not the plastic bins, and I just knew there had to be something I could do with them. An upcycle - is that the word everyone is using for this? - of sorts. Unfortunately I didn't inform Sam of my need to hold on to these cans soon enough and so some were lost. But I did manage to hold on to two of them. Enter my project.

don't judge the state of our ironing board...we're going to buy a new cover SOON! ;)
I already redid my "craft closet" by making a "craft dresser", but some of my supplies could be better contained. My first idea was to use scrapbook paper but the circumference of the cans was larger than 12" and I didn't want four seams. Second idea was to use - fabric -my favorite!! I have tons and had some scraps that would be perfect and I wouldn't have to cut into any large pieces of my favorites.

the home stretch...
I figured out the height and then just cut to the end of the piece knowing it would be too long but long is better than short! I pressed the hems on both and then plugged in the hot glue gun. Couple dots to get started and then started wrapping, dotting glue as I went along on top & bottom. Folded over the edge when I got back to the beginning, bead of glue to hold in place, and voila. New and improved container for paint brushes, scissors, glue sticks, tape, & sharpie pens. I really wish I had one more, might have to abandon the Sam's Club formula bin for one more can of Similac just once... I don't think Sam would approve though...we'll see.

one down, one to go
Anyhow - now if I could just find the time to repaint the dresser and the money for some shelves above the dresser and my little craft station will be in serious business! And it fulfills my need for all things fabric & sewing, since I'm supposed to be studying for two exams this week, without breaking out the sewing machine!

so much more fun than stuffed in a drawer.


Lindsey said...

Love it! every time I throw one in the trash which is nearly once a day (Luke still takes a toddler formula as well as Nora) I've often thought, "geez, what a waste! those empty can have gotta be good for something. thanks for the idea, i might just have to steal it.

Meghan said...

Steal steal steal!! I wish I had more - I would spray paint the top and use it for closed storage of stuff - pacis, bottle nipples, crafts, etc. Or for "vases"!! I might have to find someone who will save them for me...I'm getting addicted already!

Meghan said...

meghan - i LOVE all your projects! You are so talented! I don't know how you find the time to do it all - you inspire me!

Meghan said...

You're too sweet and right back at you - I still need to try out the parantheses!! If it makes you feel better, there are all kinds of things/projects I am not getting done. Ex. I have two pairs of windows that only have one window treatment...and they are installed with thumbtacks and velcro! ha!


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