Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Goodwill To All

After being seriously inspired by Bower Power that it might be possible that my Goodwill doesn't totally stink - I've been popping in maybe once a week. This week - I went with a $4 budget (that's the cash I had on hand). Which was kinda fun and kinda not. I had to turn down some "silver" platters that would've gone great with the ones I already have but I wanted all 5 and it that meant I would've had to break out the debit card... Oh well.

Wandering around though - I did find a lonely wall pedestal thing - I had no idea where in the world I was going to put it but it was speaking to me. At $2.32 - Yes please - I will take you home. It had some scratches, which I am sure that some Beeswax magic stuff will fix if I ever remember to do it, but it's perfect. I had considered painting it - but my hubs thought it was just fine the way it was. And turns out - he was right! It fits in right nicely in our hallway - perfectly actually - less than a 1/4" to spare. And - the little silver vases had become orphans after I redid the dining room console (AGAIN! I'll show you later!) and now I can see these much more often.

going to oh so cute when I get flowers - little happiness in the hallway!
My second little treasure didn't look like a treasure at all. In fact - it was a little creepy. I'm not sure I even understand why there are roman numerals all over this - but whatever. It was a cut size and I liked the little "hook" on the top and it occurred to me that the raw material to make a door sign for William's room would be more than $1.31 - so it came home with me as well. And since we already own TONS of paint - this was easy cheesey. Three coats of green because I didn't want to mess with primer, two coats on the dandelion, stencil the letters & one coat of brown. Done. And so cute. Even Sam likes it. Which means I did good.

see what I mean - what is going on with the roman numerals?
super cute!!!
I had originally thought to hang the sign with ribbon - but decided that banging on the nursery door would be bad, very bad. And it had a sawtooth on the back - so nail in the door and some of that sticky moldy type stuff on the two bottom corners and it's not going anywhere! No reason to wake up a sleeping baby because I wanted to make something cute!

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