Thursday, January 14, 2010

What a difference a half hour makes!

This is going to be super short....promise.

We got a Pottery Barn gift card for Christmas - we bought the coolest wooden tray & vase. It's funny, we had wandered the store for 30-45 minutes and couldn't make up our minds and on the way to grab the vase we both saw this tray and it was like magic. It was perfect to help organize our coffee table.

One problem - it was a LOT of wood. Wood table, wood tray. Love the tray but it needed something.
wood, wood, wood, lovely - but way too much of the same stacked on top of each other.
Enter green geometric print that I almost jumped for joy when I saw a yard in the remnant bin. Seriously - $5. Love it!!

the smallest little break in the wood makes me oh so happy

Cut out the size, hem, sew, voila!! Just enough of a pop to give the tray the extra oomph. (And, when I find the staples to the staple gun - this print will also go on the chair for our little secretary desk by the french doors.) Repeats make everything cohesive. I only mention this because my husband thought it was pretty random until I gave him the whole plan. He still doesn't quite understand why I need some pop in the tray but he let me do it and that's what counts.

detail of the fabric - seriously can't go wrong with this print!


Dread Pirate Lainey said...

I like it. It looks like a strange mix of a Greek-ish style pattern and something Eastern, but you are right it does make a difference! I really like the tray too!

Meghan said...

Thanks! I about had a heart attack when I found the remnant - Hadley thought I was going to fall out right there in the store! ;)

Isn't the tray great! Gotta love Pottery Barn - we have such a hard time making decisions in there though! We would've ended up with this great humongo lantern if it had been $20 cheaper!


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