Friday, January 29, 2010

To Light or Not to Light

I have been on a "quest" to find the perfect candlestick lamps. And by quest I mean that in the back of my mind I think I would really like some but have never really tried to find any that me and the hubs could agree on. I usually vote for "fun" and he usually votes for VERY traditional. I get that our house is traditional and that we decorate traditional and usually I can inject some FUN into the house but lamps are a different story for him. So - we haven't had any in any of our houses on this buffet. (that we bought while in our first house for $150!!!)

Now my problem lies in whether I actually want lamps on the buffet. I am in LOVE with the dried hydrangeas from our yard and really don't want to move them - and I'm sure I could find a home for them somewhere else in the house but I like passing these a hundred times a day. Can't wait to add more once they bloom and start to die again. Obviously I could lose the pillar holders, since I haven't even bothered to get candles for them, and the crystal bowl would be ok too even though it was a wedding gift and Sam loves it. But do I WANT/NEED two lamps?
We love our house most when all the lamps are on - the soft glow can't be beat. On a whim yesterday I very quickly perused online for candlestick lamps. (I google imaged candlestick lamps...ha!) And this is what I found in less than five minutes.

I have long admired this one. At work, we had an account with Sterling and they have THE most fun lamps. And plenty of other fun furniture and accessories that just make you smile. I'm pretty sure Sam vetoed this one three years ago - but I wonder if I could get him to reconsider...
How fun are the Teacups?!
This is a Sterling Home lamp - not sure where I found the picture

This one would be easy to agree on. Clean simple lines, a little variety in the shade but I'm just not sure I want the hard black base.
Simple & Classic
Southern Accents

This would be a good compromise - fun shade, goes with our colors, and has a brass base. Though the shade is too big...
Cute Polka Dot Shade

I like these, but I think the shade is too small and I don't like how the brass on the base doesn't continue up. But they are antique and lovely. And the red shade might be too strong. I'd like to infuse some green or blue into this room so it flows better from the living room.
Tiny Red Shades

These are just pretty sconces. Wouldn't work in our room with all the doors but LOVE!!
Floral Sconces

Love Love Love. Great color, shape, everything. Too bad they're $4,200!!

Porter & Plunk

So that's where I stand, and I can't get the underline to go away so just ignore. Opinions?

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