Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More is More

There is very little that I love more than a large series of pictures all hung together. It makes me ridiculously happy. Seriously. Love. I was thinking last night that I am probably a more is more kind of person (unless you're talking about table surfaces and then I like them clean and useful). I would hang every single print and piece of art we own on the walls if I could make it work. As it is, I have probably hung more than my sweet husband really wants. I try to edit myself, but I think it's more fun to be surrounded by the things that make you most happy.

Our bedroom in the first house we bought - the prints are now in our kitchen hung as a set of 8

Southern Living

House Beautiful - LOVE THE DARK WALLS!!

Southern Living - y'all know this one - Erika from Urban Grace She's amazing!!

Now the point of this post was to show you our new "family" (ie - William) wall in our bedroom. I love family pictures everywhere - but Sam prefers them to be less OUT THERE!! (Someone has to be able to reign me in!) So, we compromised, what a good marriage we have :), and I get to hang all the pictures I want in our bedroom. And, seriously, there's nothing and no one cuter than my kid. I picked my favorite faces from the past 6 months, edited them in black and white, and sent the to Snapfish. (seriously - check them out - cheap cheap) 14 pictures are in my mailbox less than a week later. I practically stalked the mailman for this package - I was so excited!

Into the frames and off we go and here we are. Granted - I only bought 12 this first time around but at $3 a piece - I am just going to pick up two every time we grocery shop and then I'll have the rest I need.

And just for the record, and to get this post back on track and less about my kid, it was REALLY easy to hang all these. All you need is a level (and a tape measure for the first one to find the center) The frames were 12" wide, I wanted approximately a 2" gap between pictures - so I put a pencil mark every 14". And then did the same after going down 12.25" for the next row. Obviously this is really easy when the hangers on your pictures are all in the same place on the back, otherwise you have to measure individually and you will be braindead by the end of the day. Not that that has happened to me... ;)

I'm thinking I like the four rows - opinions anyone?

So - the whole project, to this point, has cost me $36 (plus tax) for the frames and $14ish (we had a gift card from buying Santa picture in December so we really only paid $4) for the pictures. Not too shabby for a wall I will spend hours staring at! Now to just take more pictures and buy more frames - it could go on forever!!!

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