Sunday, January 24, 2010

Let there be Light!

Nighttime picture of the new & improved bathroom wasn't so great - will try again tomorrow...

As you saw last week - we had one pretty disgusting vanity light. Yuck. But we had decided to wait, not spend the money, and just be happy the walls were painted. Well, as luck would have it - Sam's dad needed to borrow our Angostora (sp) Bitter for drinks Saturday night and decided to "pay" us back for it. WAY TOO NICE OF HIM - but we SO appreciate it. He told us to go to dinner and have fun. Our idea of going to dinner is now picking up Chef Lee's and watching Gerard Butler in BluRay - yum - so there was cash left to fix the light this weekend. Hooray!!

We had originally gotten this fixture (but chrome) and was going to get the globes at a later date - one at a time - spread out the cost. But when we got home we didn't have the clearance above the medicine cabinet to install it without filling the existing holes and making new ones in the plaster walls. Major no-no, atleast for us. We've done it before and we decided it wasn't worth the hassle (i.e. complete destruction of the plaster...and the patch never looks that great anyway)

So back to Lowe's to get the contractor grade chrome light. It kinda stinks we can't have the nicer one - but this is SUCH an upgrade from the existing - that we will survive. The extra two lightbulbs we are able to have is AWESOME. The great white light is AWESOME. I didn't fully understand how hard it was to get ready in the nasty yellow two light bathroom - but now - I actually know what I look like when I go out in the world. (yes - A&P class - you're welcome...)

We also picked up 4 double hooks to install on the trim. I had no idea those came two to a pack - so that was a nice little $5 savings. I'll take it where we can get it! Now even William has a hook for his towel - so cute! I still have to think of what we want to do on that wall because I was planning for a little Hobby Lobby black shelf with 4 picture inserts and 4 hooks that would be installed on the wall - so maybe I'll "switch" (switch in my mind - the print isn't yet framed and matted) the print from the toilet wall to this wall and I just remembered that I found very cool inspiration for a shelving unit above the toilet. (I should seriously start bookmarking those so I can find them later to reference for you...oh well.)

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