Friday, January 22, 2010

We're getting there...

Our bathroom is the redheaded stepchild of our house - and I can say that because that phrase also describes me. Though I've never understood why it's a bad thing... Anyhow. The rest of the house has been painted for months - since before little William was born - but we have seriously neglected the bathroom. We did paint the vanity - and that helped - but the walls were still a mess and it lacked any kind of style. Someone truly "brilliant" had popcorned not only the ceiling but the walls as well. Ick. Serious Ick. I guess that deterred us a bit - never felt up to making a humongous mess I suppose. That all came to an end last weekend. We had orphan gift cards (less than $5 left) and we gathered them all up and put them to good use - SemiGloss Paint in Color Forest Lichen from Lowe's.

I'm in love. This is my new favorite color. I expected it to look good but it surpassed my expectations when Sam got it on the wall. It's PERFECT. Not too blue, or gray, or green. Perfection.
now to replace that hideous light fixture... and isn't my kid adorable! ;)
The popcorn came off surprisingly easy, which is always a plus. We learned one thing from Forest - you never truly know what you're getting into when you start messing with things. Sam had to patch a couple holes where the paint/wall board didn't like the wall anymore - but easy cheesey - he had the whole thing painted in a day. Gotta love small rooms.

Yeah - the vanity top needs replacing too - but one step at a time.
Of course, now that the bathroom walls were so pretty it seemed a shame to put our old-seen-better-days shower curtain back up - so off to TJ Maxx William & I went. So proud of us - we found the perfect cream one for $5.99 and a heavy clear liner for $4.99 - can't beat it. And the best part - I had a yard of fabric that would look AWESOME as a skirt on the shower curtain to jazz up the plainness. I even surprised myself by figuring out how to sew an inverted pleat. I cut the yard in half - hemmed - and laid out the print next to the shower curtain and pulled in the pleats until the width was the same. Granted - I probably could've done some awesome math, and there was a little involved, but I was so tickled with myself. REALLY easy!!

So now what could've been plain and boring is now making me very happy on a daily basis. Best part - since they're installed on separate rods - I can make full use of the clear liner only when showering to get the most light. (installing a ceiling light fixture is on the list of to-dos - but we need my Dad's help for that one!) Oh and very sorry if that was TMI....

Neat huh?!

Obviously - we aren't even close to totally complete - but this is the beginning of the end I hope!! And it's SO MUCH better than white gross popcorn walls!!

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