Monday, March 1, 2010

Cork it Up

One of my more brilliant discoveries was that my corkboard was not more than 54" wide. This is important because "decorator" fabric comes in 54" bolts and for some crazy reason I was under the impression that none of my fabric would work because the board was too big. Crazy.

the before - blah and breaking...oops - probably should've hotglued that a LONG time ago
I decided it was just easy enough to tackle recovering it Saturday night. Um - yeah - why did I wait so long to do this project? It was almost as easy as recovering dining chairs (which I also did Sunday night - I need to take better pictures - will show later).

mid-progress - kinda wish I hadn't been so eager and taken the time to paint the frame - oh well - doesn't bother me THAT much
Cut fabric - spray adhesive - attach. Cut ribbon - hot glue ribbon - done. Easy cheesey. 35 cents of quilter's thumbtacks later and I'm in business. Well, the cork is atleast.

And now looking at it - wish I had gone with blue or white ribbon instead of the neutral tan - but I figure I can change it out when I am officially sick of the tan... And the board has unintentionally started holding more favorite photographs than actual inspiration ideas - but - hey - it makes me happy.

the after - a huge improvement if I say so myself
All the inspiration I need.


Meg said...

Cute! Nothing like a covered cork board to really cheer up the space. I like that fabric.

Jennifer said...

i'm an idiot. i totally suggested this for your next post (with the dresser and wipe board). I should read things in order... This is why I should be working and NOT BLOGGING!

Meghan said...

But blogging is definitely more fun!!!


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