Friday, April 23, 2010

I may never take this off

Random fact - Hancock Fabrics had an Earth Day sale.  I had no idea until I rolled up early Thursday morning but it was a nice surprise.  I was there to pick up ONLY pink seersucker to make a dress for my stepmom's principal? vice-principal? someone important at her school...but then I got sucked in to the prices.  Surprise surprise.

I had this pattern sitting at the house begging for me to make it and I finally decided to go for it Thursday afternoon - rushing to get it done so I would have something to wear to class that evening.  (like my closet is empty - silly girl)

I chose a grey tiny pinstripe cotton (my newfound favorite color for some reason) and navy for the contrast hem and cuff (another surprise I know).  I thought the combo would be effortlessly casual but still "nice" enough to feel pretty.  And, I was right.  I don't want to take this dress off.  I wore it to class last night and all day today when I had running around to do.  And I felt great.

The pattern itself is remarkably easy to understand.  Usually I don't understand the directions exactly, and maybe I still don't and end up making them up myself, but I had NO problems sewing this at all.  The best part - only side seams on the bodice, you don't have to deal with turning under the armholes, which is always a pain for me.  So that was awesome!

I added top stitching at the neck to help the facing stay put and also at the cuff just because I wanted to.  OH!!  Did I mention that it has POCKETS!!  And they were easy to sew in?!!!!  LOVE!!!

Feel free to ignore all the wrinkles - I forgot to take a picture when it was all fresh and clean - I've been wearing it ALL day...  I had made a tie to go around the waist to cinch in a bit more, it's a little loose on top and through the waist, but I hand tacked it quickly last night and it came undone.  I'm not sure if I actually need it though - I liked that I don't look as wide with it but I do feel a bit like a little girl with it on.  Hmm...I'll decide later.

So - there you have - a cutesy dress that's super easy to wear for less than $10.  Now go sew something fun!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Meghan!
Another adorable outfit! You have inspired me to break out my sewing machine this summer and get busy. Your blogs are awesome!
Love you!

Pam said...

I love dresses. This is a perfect spring/summer dress. I always wanted to learn to sew.


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