Thursday, April 15, 2010

Need a Button?

Warning:  Not exactly, or at all, related to home interior design.  
Completely relevant for mommies though.

I can't remember when - but apparently at breakfast one Saturday pepito was playing with jacket buttons I guess.  Because it's been in my head that I need to make him a button "blanket" to play with.  I found myself with no immediate sewing project today and having taken my exam last night, I could ignore anatomy for the day as well.  So - early this morning I raided my itty bitty pieces of fabric bin - and of course picked the green geometric print and the roosters.  Can't help myself.  Plus, they were two of the few pieces that were actually large enough.

Now - seriously - this is the easiest project ever!!  You know all those buttons that come as "extra" when you buy new clothes?  Well - I throw them in the bottom of my jewelry box and never think about them again - until last night.  Brilliant.  I have atleast 30 buttons I have absolutely no need for - sweet!!

While pepito was "watching" Curious George and Dinosaur train, I sewed the buttons onto the green print.  Easy cheesey.  No real pattern obviously but I did try to space out by size & color so atleast all the huge black buttons weren't hanging out together.

(and I'm really trying hard not to rip out the one blue gingham ribbon that got jacked up...)

Finished up the buttons this afternoon after a wild morning of errands and appointments, pinned on the pieces of looped ribbon to the green, pinned the roosters on top (right sides facing) and straight stitched all the way around, leaving room to turn inside out.  Top stitched all the way around, closing the opening, tacked on some red poms poms on the corners and done!  Easy stinking cheesey!!

Now - I just hope that it entertains pepito more than saran wrap - but I'm pretty sure that's impossible.

Have fun Mommies!!!

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Carrie said...

This is the best idea, ever!!! I'm totally going to make one for my baby. Thanks for the inspiration.

I linked up to the party too.


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