Monday, April 26, 2010

Problem Meet Solution

Ok - so I'm going to have to admit that the hubs and I are terrible at doing dishes.  I think it might be both of ours most unfavorite chore.  And on top of that - we are constantly asking each other if the dishwasher is clean or dirty.  Because without fail, one of us will grab a baby spoon or something out of the clean dishwasher without unloading it and then the "clean" light will go off.  Then - neither one of us will unload it because we think it's dirty...cycle...  It's kinda ridiculous.  But anyway.

I had this thought that maybe if I made a sign that clearly said Clean/Dirty then we would know and maybe the dishes would get unloaded/loaded appropriately.  The hubster is going to think this is juvenile and SILLY but if it works - I'm going to feel brilliant.

I already had everything I needed, so it took maybe 2 minutes to do this.  Cardboard, pretty papers, stickers, velcro, glue stick.  Easy cheesey..

update:  my hubby came home for lunch and LIKES the sign!!!  SUCCESS!!!!


Pam said...

Lol. Love it. Extremely nifty.

Anonymous said...

i did this as well, but I used a large magnet. i wrote "clean" and "dirty" on a paper facing opposite directions and "laminated" it with clear packing tape. stuck the sign to the magnet and i was done! then whenever i turned the dishwasher on i would flip it to clean. just a nice alternative to those without velcro :)

Meghan said...

Funny how everyone seems to need one of these signs... Cracks me up! Magnet was a good idea - I wish I had some handy!


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