Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Poppies Make Me Happy

Knocking projects off the never-ending project list does too - so happy Two for One to me! ha!

In honor of my new sewing station - I decided it was about time I finally got these window treatments marked off the list.  After looking at the ribbon, even though it was yellow polka dots, I decided that a self tie was what would be best.  Easy cheesey.  I cut four, sewed four, and tied them on this morning.

And I will say - I'm not sure why exactly I put this off for so long - but the finished product is worth it.  I am in love.  These are the easiest, prettiest window treatments ever.  Sew a rectangle (with or without lining), sew the ties, make cute little bows and you're good to go.  I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm repeating the style above my sewing table (as soon as I pick up more lining). 

They make me happy.  (the weird light does not - another day...)


The Luckiest said...

I heart them!

Tara said...

I LOVE it! When you have time, I would love that in either my kithen or computer room or both! I'll be around this Friday PM and weekend if you have any time available. That is adorable!

Meghan said...

I would love to! I have a quiz on Monday that I'm "supposed" to be studying for but...blah. Do we need to pick out some fabric? It won't take long at all to sew!!

Tara said...

If you want to come over and look at the space, I'll be home between 12:30 and 2:00 on Friday without kids. Otherwise, I'm going to pick them up around 2:30 and will be back around 3:30. Either way is fine with me. I'll be at work that morning. I like the colors of yours, but want you to pick out whatever you think would work. I have no vision or style so I have no opinion. :)

Meghan said...

I can come later that afternoon (4-5ish) if you want. If you're looking for reds, that's easy cheesey. I wish I had more poppy - but I only have 9 in left..boohoo. I'll see what I can find at Lee's on River Road on - she has great prices!!

I'll touch base with you sometime inbetween my business on Friday..ugh, I hate being tied up on my non-school day.

Meghan said...

Oh - and I meant "busy"ness... (I have a test that morning for CSU and then Juvenile Court that afternoon...)

Tara said...

Sounds good! Is William already in trouble with the law?! :)

Just give me a call and we should be around late in the afternoon.


Meghan said...

Ha!! No - it's my JL Placement - Juvenile Court Citizen's Review Panel. Talk to you Friday!


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