Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Gone!!

My wonderful husband had some comp days stored up from all of his travels this year and decided to turn Easter in to a four day weekend.  He made it very clear that Friday it was like he wasn't here - he wouldn't be helping me with the baby - he would be outside.  Fine with me hon.  (as long as you return the favor on Monday when I have a quiz..!)

before we even moved in - how 'lovely' is that though!
He decided that it was finally time that the weed flower bed by the driveway to leave our house forever.  And not a moment too soon!  It was awful trying to negotiate getting in and out of the car when six inches from the door is an eight+ inch high flower bed that holds nothing but "wild flowers" - ha!  Nevermind trying to get the baby and the thirty ton carseat in and out.  So I was happy to oblige and even made it out there a couple times to supervise help.

down to the dirt!

It didn't take too long for him to shovel out the dirt and I actually did help with this part - which made it go surprisingly quickly.  The dirt was soft and easy to dig thank goodness!!!  We had all of that cleared out by lunchtime.

Then, came the gravel.  Randomly, there was a TON of gravel in our backyard.  I guess someone used to park back there...  I was hoping to dig that out and use it on the side - but Sam decided it wasn't worth the humongous effort it was going to take to get it out of the yard and that was assuming there was even enough, which I'm pretty sure there wasn't.  So - he borrowed his dad's truck and went to Durty Works.

this may not look like a huge deal - but believe me - it is!!
THREE THOUSAND POUNDS of gravel later, and I helped shovel this briefly while pepito took a short nap, and we can now get out of the cars without spraining ankles!!!  It's amazing!!!

Now, eventually we will have the entire driveway repaved so it's one continues stretch of concrete, instead of car tire strip things and we will concrete that spot by the side of the house as well.  But for now, this is perfectly fine interim solution.

And it was a beautiful weekend for lots of yardwork.  We also weeded the front yard and "planted" grass in the back, now that there was all kinds of transplanted dirt back there! (which will definitely have to be weeded in the near future...oh well)

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

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