Monday, April 12, 2010

Pink All Over

We went out of town this weekend to see my parents and when we got back - we were greeted with a yard full of pink.  The azaleas have bloomed!!!  All of them!!!  Nothing makes me happier! Well, maybe if my daffodils had bloomed I would be happier....oh well.

From the front door

We still have to get more mulch to fill in the rest of the bed...

So pretty to see when we park

By our steps - this was the first one to bloom

AND - my stepmom sent me home with LOTS of flowers to plant!!  Now - she warned me that they will probably be in shock this year and not bloom - but NEXT year - watch out!!  I vow to keep them alive - easier said then done.  I usually kill everything...but maybe this year will be different!!

My new plants waiting for me to find a minute to put them in the ground

Our yard is starting to make me if we just had grass instead of weeds!

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