Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I die.

My bestest Hadley has a photography studio - you know that.  I posted about the window treatments already.  But the poor mama's (and their entourage) had nowhere to sit.  Now granted - I don't think I've ever needed to sit in a chair at her studio, usually I'm too busy desperately trying to get pepito to pretend to be happy during picture taking - but I've never had anyone come with me either.  Anyhow.  Hadley needed chairs.  Cute chairs.  Cheap chairs.  (please ignore the quality of the iPhone pictures - I really need a point & shoot I can carry around...)

More than a month ago, when both our babes were elsewhere (how did that happen?!) we scoured the thrift stores and found some perfectly sized comfy chairs at Salvation Army for $25 each.  Not an awesome price like I've seen all of you find - but pretty dern good for Columbus and hefty chairs.  At this point I was convinced that, even though it looked more complicated than anything I had attempted before, I could strip them down and recover them for her.

Oh, woe is me.  Way above my skill level.  Well - maybe not - but I didn't have the right tools to even get them ripped down properly and I certainly don't have an air gun stapler thing.  Shoot.  So, with much shame, I called Hadley and call the my workroom, who quoted us a price.  And while reasonable - I felt terrible.  But we didn't have much of a choice if we wanted them recovered.  Shoot.

Upholstery magician Ray had them ripped down in a matter of hours and then they sat in my house while we tried to get our schedules to align so we could paint them.  We FINALLY found the time to paint them RED this weekend.  So, first thing Monday morning, I loaded them back up in the  car and took them to Ray to finish.  I'm sure he thought that I had fallen off the face of the earth - but atleast they understand that I have a baby and the time that it takes to get out of the house/do anything at all is ridiculous.  I digress.

I got the call last night that they were ready! Yay!  First thing today I headed out to get them.  Lucky for me, I only live 2 minutes from the workroom.  And I die.  I knew they would look awesome - I squealed when I saw the fabric at Hancock's - but this - is just awesome.  Really happy we didn't go with a solid texture - these have such a great punch!!

I had to drop them at Hadley's house instead of the studio, crazy baby schedules, and I can't wait to see them with the curtains.  It is going to be so fun with all the colors and patterns.  Hadley squealed and, honestly, I'm a little afraid she's not going to take them to studio she loves them so much.  They might find a home in her home... ha!  So Love!!!


The Brick Cottage said...

They're fantastic! What a lucky girl!

Meghan said...

I know! I'm totally jealous!! ;)

Hadley said...

I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are so freaking fabulous. And you are so right...I am plotting on where to put them in the house. Decisions!!!

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I love these chairs,they are so fun! And your baby is adorable! I could eat him up! Thanks for stopping over!


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