Monday, April 12, 2010

I Heart Spray Paint

I know - I haven't posted anything on THIS blog in awhile - more than a week.  Bad blogger.  Life has me busy.  Baby, sewing, baby, school,'s a vicious cycle.  But - I found some time this morning, avoiding studying for my lab exam tonight, to do a tiny project that I've been meaning to do for forever.  It didn't hurt that, while looking for sandpaper, I found brown gloss spray paint.

Enter stage right - Grandaddy's red bench.

still forgot to take a true before pic...

It has found a final resting place in our bedroom.  Unfortunately, the red doesn't work.  We've had plans to paint it blue, at Forest, white, on the porch, etc etc.  Now - the plan - brown in the bedroom at 17th.

Pepito is taking a marathon nap, as is his 'usual' morning routine, and since I can't find the sandpaper to do start some chairs for a friend, I figured I'd take 10 minutes and knock something off our list.  Easy cheesey.

I only did one coat, because I only have one can of paint, and there are probably some spots that need another hit, but...oh well.  No one sees it but us and I'm pretty sure I can just avoid looking at those spots.  I was actually surprised I was able to get the whole thing covered with only one can - guess this Monday is going to be a good day afterall!!

Loving the after - the bench feels like it belongs instead of just plopped in our our room because we didn't have anywhere else to put it.   Now to see if I can keep from piling clothes and towel on it...ha!

And on a different kind of good note - I'm hoping the spray paint fumes help me take the test - it did the last time anyhow!  I was in a "happy" kind of mood!!

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