Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oo Oo Studio

My best friend Hadley has her very own photography studio now and a brand new fabulous place. And I get to be lucky enough to help make it feel fun and kid friendly.

Totally awesome stuff... www.hadleyscott.com

We began with window treatments, of course, my fave. And in effort to save her some moolah - we decided that purchasing ready made curtains (84" length) and sewing a skirt on them would be the most beneficial. and easy for me! ;)

She found the super fun squiggly stripes at Hobby Lobby - I told her to buy the entire 8 yard bolt because we needed to add 27" to each of the 8 panels and the extra, what turned out to be 32 inches, I could use on the door windows.

picture taken pre-pressing... but how fun is that fabric?!
Luckily Target had the perfect grommet heading panels, though it took two trips to enough for all the windows in her studio. I did some math - and decided to hang the curtains high, taking advantage of the 9 foot ceilings - cut off 14 inches of the solid brown panel, hemmed and sewed on the 27 inches of squiggles, repeat 8 times and done.

fun fun fun
We installed them on Sunday and she (and I) love them! Kind of by accident we decided we liked the "full break" at the bottom hem. I "might" have mismeasured a bit...but I like how it turned out and goodness knows I've installed draperies that I intended to hang like that - so all's well that ends well.

two of four windows in this room...wait til it's all done - it's going to be awesome!
I can't wait to finish out the space, with new chairs, accent tables, and hang all of her gorgeous photos on the wall!!

and I had every intention of taking in progress pictures - but got too excited and forgot...my apologies.


Hadley said...

I just cannot thank you enough for helping me do this. It seems like such a small thing, but to me, it meant the world! You taking the time to sew these makes them all the more special to me. Thanks for helping me snazz up my space!!

Meghan said...

Awww... I'm happy to make you happy bestest!!


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