Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tweet Tweet

I haven't joined Twitter. I still don't understand what it is... is that sad?

No - I found some brass birds at Salvation Army. I don't know why I don't stop in there more often - it's really close to my house - well, closer than Goodwill anyhow. Anyhow.

$1.50 for the set. Very sturdy. Probably could've left them brass - I again forgot a before picture... But they didn't begin nearly as cute as this one so I'm saying it's ok...

So - I lightly painted on a couple coats of gloss white spray paint that I had - and love. But then instant gratification got the better of me - and I touched them (moved them off the floor so the dogs didn't trample them) and in doing so - messed up the finish.

with one very light coat of paint
I spent the better part of the day soaking them in paint thinner and sandpapering off the paint. Luckily, I was able to get most of the bad paint off. Then I started from the beginning again and vowed not to touch them until I got back from class.

soaking in mineral spirits - this took hours
And, just so you know, there's a very good reason they say don't spray paint in an unventilated area. I was high as a kite when I walked into class this evening. I doubt that it helped me on the quiz, but I sure was happy to take it!

tweet tweet - their eyes look kinda mean don't they -
huh - didn't notice that before - oh well!
Turns out, after all that, I missed a couple spots but seriously, those will just have to be that way until it warms up and I can paint outside. Good enough for now and I still absolutely love them. Terrified of putting still barely tacky birds on our inherited console - I put them on a tray. I'll rework the whole thing tomorrow I am sure but after all my efforts I wanted to blog now!

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