Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bring on the Spring

Last weekend I realized that Easter is coming up much sooner than expected and the thought of having to buy a dress put me into a panic. Having to spend money on a dress and the agony of trying to find one that fits - ugh. Not fun. And then, while taking a study break at Hancock Fabrics this weekend, yes, I am THAT dork, their 99 cent pattern sale inspired me. I could MAKE my dress! Save oodles of money, be cutesy spring just like I WANT it to be, and it would fit just right. (or close to just right - I'm not that good yet)

In addition to this pattern, I also came away with five others to try out in the future. How could I resist - saving upwards of $10 on each pattern!! Gold mine!!

So, I wandered the store, looking for the best fabric deal for color that would be flattering and weight that would be appropriate and found the prettiest emeraldy green for $1.95 a yard. Perfection! Light summer weight, slightly stretch, cotton in a color that all redheads look wonderful in. Cannot. Contain. My. Excitement.

As the accent - I couldn't resist navy polka dots. I love navy. I love polka dots. Easy choice. Especially since there was 1/2 yd remnant - 75% off. Seriously - it just keeps getting better.

First thing I did after my final was break into the pattern and start cutting out my size. I'm not sure I was home an hour before I went for it. Wait - first I did P90X with the hubs and THEN I started. So, maybe it was 2 hours. (by the way - Tony is the devil...)

I think I stayed up late sewing that night and it was surprisingly easy to manage. I always have a problem with pattern instructions. They never make a whole lot of sense to me but I figured it out and forged ahead. Got the dress stitched together, but without the right interfacing for the neck and armholes I had to stop. (still don't have the right interfacing...maybe I'll go search it out tomorrow)

And let me just give myself a pat on the back for sewing in the zipper. I have been TERRIFIED of zippers and feel absolutely ridiculous now because it was REALLY easy. Fear - Conquered.

Last night I cut the accent strips and today I stitched them on. And it is adorable.

I'm so proud of myself for (nearly completing) this dress. My wardrobe is a constant source of frustration with the new mommy body (enter P90X) and it's been hard to shop when I have literally tens of totes in the attic with beautiful clothes that used to fit. It's so fun to be excited about clothes again!

Run down of costs, approximately...

Green Fabric: $5
Polka Dot Fabric: $0.75
Zipper: $1.50
Still need to get the interfacing - but I'm hoping I can keep the total to around $10 - we'll see!

Compared to $40 for a dress from Target - Savings of $32.75!!! Now THAT'S something to be excited about!!

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