Tuesday, March 2, 2010

She's Crafty

I'd like to think so - but I'm pretty sure the jury is still out on my crafty prowess...

I did, however, manage to complete my crafty corner redo in two days. Painted dresser and craft organizer board. HUMONGOUS difference!! Big plus for me since it's pretty much the first (and only) thing you see from the kitchen.

The dresser was a big red mess and now, after sanding and three coats of antique white semi gloss paint it is delightful. The finish probably leaves something to be desired - but it's good enough for me. Three coats is my limit. I hate painting.

I still want to paint little sayings that relate to the drawer contents on the front - but maybe chalkboard paint would be better - then I could always EASILY change the description. Good idea Meghan! Well, thank you self. haha

OOH - or if I could get mini chalkboards on sale - paint the frames green - ooh yes. Much better. Remind me to find those one day.

The craft board isn't quite done - but only because I can't figure out what else I need it for. I hung the baskets, picked up at IKEA for $1.99!, threw in all my glues, tapes, wire and scissors, and now I have no idea what I want it to hold. The dresser holds everything else so neatly that I am at a loss. Suggestions? Ideas?

(Aside - I'm also thinking about painting a giant R in the middle...because who doesn't love a pretty monogram?!)

It's too short to hold wrapping paper - that is in a bin in the corner. First drawer holds craft paints and excess materials. Ribbon is in baskets in the second drawer.Third drawer is pretty paper and stickers. Fourth drawer is cards, tissue paper, bags, etc. So - with all that - what should go on the board?

And finally - our "extra" dining chair - recovered with happy roosters. I probably meant to put the roosters facing out - but didn't notice until every single staple had been stapled and I screwed the seat back on. Yeah - need to pay a little more attention next time. Though, I'm not sure it REALLY matters. Love this fabric - makes me smile every time!

Now if we could just replace the nasty old carpet IMMEDIATELY...when will money grow on trees?

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Jennifer said...

IDEA: Ok, so how about intead of the wipeboard, do a fabric covered corkboard instead? You can pick a funky fun fabric,, paint the frame the same white as the dresser, and maybe even crisscross some ribbons on the board. Tack up your invites, and family pics, and fabric swatches to motivate you during craft time! (Not that you need any!!)


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