Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Etch a Sketch

Wow - how I loved my etch a sketch. Never got really proficient at it - but I'm looking forward to buying one for pepito...


It has been on my to-do project list to do sketches of our old houses, 18th Ave & Forest, to replace the baby pictures (that were never meant for the living room anyway). Over the weekend I found some vellum paper in a stash and also a picture of 18th Ave. I decided that first nap was as good a time as any to start.

We fell in love with 18th Ave at first look....of the outside. The diamond windows were gorgeous, the front porch was perfect, and the yard was level and full of grass. It was days before we were able to see the inside because the floors were in the process of being redone but in our minds it was ours. And silly first time homebuyers, with no realtor buying a FSBO, offered full price because we were terrified of losing it. We learned our lesson, never again.

The first weekend after moving in - I wasted no time in getting up the holiday wreaths!
We moved in 5 days before Christmas I think and it was wonderful. Sam & my Dad even moved our Christmas tree! So many great memories from that house. Sam BUILT our porch swing and it was THE most comfortable swing I've ever sat in! Playing in the yard with the pups, working on projects in the massive building in the backyard, and just having fun being newlyweds.

Love the Fire Engine Red Front door! It was no small feat to paint it though - it was solid wood and weighed agizillion pounds.
Back to the task at hand. The sketch only took about 20 minutes! I still kinda wish I would've been able to find my marker paper, but it was a whole lot easier to copy the house with the vellum... And I'm still trying to decide whether to go over the whole thing in pen. I'm kinda scared to because what if I don't like it and then I have to start all over? But, I guess it would only take me twenty minutes to redo if I had to....

The large print in the center is not one of our houses, unfortunately. My brother got married on Jekyll and Sam & I took the historic home tour while we were there for the weekend. It was our just our favorite house out of all the ones we saw and we used to try and pick up prints from everywhere we went off. Now - we get magnets - much more cost effective...

So - pen or no pen? Any thoughts?


Meghan said...

meghan - this is gorgeous! keep the projects coming!! You have so many great ideas I want to copy! So, you used vellum for this one? Did you put white paper behind it, or was it just a thick vellum?

Great job on all your sewing projects as well!

And, by the way, I agree about you MIL - she is too cute....always!

Meghan said...

Thankyou! It was fun to knock something off the neverending list!

I'm pretty sure it's just regular vellum and I put white copy paper behind it. Eventually I'll remember to get a mat for it.

Sewing is my ME TIME now!!

The Brick Cottage said...

Wow, you're talented! And the house is beautiful--I completely understand why you fell in love with it!

Meghan said...

Thank you for the compliment - but I'm sure I'm more just a talented tracer! ha!


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