Friday, March 19, 2010

To Flower or Not to Flower

As mentioned last night - I made a mistake when trimming the hems on my dress and nicked the shoulder. boo. And truth be told, an excuse to be able to wear one of these adorable flowers is awesome. I've been making them and making them and never getting to use them for myself - silly!! Anyhow - back to the subject at hand. Fixing my dress.

So I made a bunch of flowers last night and Sam and I decided that all the blue flowers were too much - so I have two options for you. And be honest!! And please leave a comment!!! Input is absolutely essential on this one!!

First one - just two green flowers with covered buttons. Simple, easy, and covers my boo boo.

Second one - two green flowers with a mini blue polka dot flower. A little more something...

And sorry for the crazy looking pictures - it's really hard to take a picture of yourself with this huge awkward Nikon camera...

I would tell you which way I'm leaning but I don't want to influence the comments....though - I bet you could guess!

Thanks for the help in advance!!


Melanie Bogart-Buchanan said...

Personal extra blue flower. The dress is adorable! You are so talented. I love reading your blogs and seeing what you have created!

Lacey Owen said...

I like the first one too with just the green flowers! BTW,you have amazing talent...I wish I had just half of it!!!

Meghan said...

Thanks y'all!!! Two green flowers it is!!

Ashley said...

Megs this is great!!!!! You are awesome;) I would go with the two green flowers for sure... the blue just makes it too much.


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