Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sew Happy

I know, I know....I'm ridiculous. Since I finished my dress and need to go to the store to get supplies to begin to finish J's nursery items - I was left without a sewing project yesterday. Not cool. So I decided to create one. My spring wardrobe is seriously lacking because of my new mommy size, granted I still have to go attic shopping and see what I have up there to fit the bill, but using all my remnants (this top cost me under $3!!) to make a new top seemed like much more fun.

I had a yard of linen and a half yard of minty green small diamond print laying around that I thought MIGHT be enough to turn my dress into a top. And - luckily - I was right! I had JUST enough linen to make it work. Though, wouldn't you know, as soon as I had all the pieces cut realized that the linen would be SUPER see through. Again, luckily, I had some white thin polyester (maybe?) fabric remnant that I could use to line it.

Totally not in to the extra work the lining would create but it's better than giving everyone a show or having a tank top show through messing up the cute lines of the shirt. It was a bit more work and was definitely more difficult to work with but it makes all the difference. No peep show!!

I chose to eliminate the zipper, because I didn't have one on hand, and I was pretty sure that I could fit it over my head without one, and I also nixed the tie because I wanted to do ruffle collar and arm holes and didn't want there to be too much print. Somehow with the lining, the measurements got a little smaller, so there was no need to cinch in to make it fit. Sweet.

I finished up the ruffles this morning, I had run out of the off white thread, but decided that no one would be the wise if I used white bobbin thread. Plus, I REALLY wanted to wear the top to breakfast with the in-laws. My MIL always looks uber chic, seriously ALWAYS; all of my friends want to be her when we grow up. And I always feel like a puffalump in my yoga pants & tshirt next to her, so I really wanted to put some effort into myself this morning. And, honestly, I should do this more often. I felt so pretty and put together with cute outfit, makeup and my hair done. I even put on earrings and a wood bracelet. (wood bracelet specifically chosen so pepito could chew on it if he got bored with all of his toys. He's usually VERY interested in my jewelry...)

Anyhow. Here's the final top - and my sweet hubs forgot to mention that my strap is showing, but, for some reason, I'm unable to retouch it out... Guess I'm really just THAT pale! ha!

I have been seriously amazed at how easy it is to make clothes, baby and adult sized. I don't mean to go on and on about it on the blog, but I'm so excited to have "conquered" this and am hoping that some of y'all realize it's not such a daunting task. Try it!! Just pin the pieces and sew in a straight line!! Easy cheesey!

Now go enjoy the beautiful weather!!! Perfect for sleeveless cute tops!!

PS - Just linked up to Finesse Your Nest Shop your House Link Party - be sure to check out all the fun new projects everyone is doing! This project may not be exactly home related like all the others - but I did definitely shop my house (fabric bins) to make it - so I think it counts...sort of... My first Link Party!!! Yay!!


Anonymous said...

This is sooo cute! You look beautiful, as always!
Great job!

Meghan said...

Thankyou Vevlia!!! I felt cute, which happens so seldom now... I should probably banish the yoga pants and tshirts for awhile!!

The Brick Cottage said...

I just popped over from Finesse Your Nest. Your top is so cute! I have been wanting to bust out my sewing machine but have been so intimidated (even though I took a clothing construction course in college). But seeing cute projects like this bring me one step closer...

Meghan said...

I have really been surprised at how simple and easy it is if I just take the time to read the instructions and sew in a straight line. Good luck!!!

Kendall said...

Your little top turned out so cute! And it used to be a dress?! I just got a sewing machine, but I'm still scared of it! You've inspired me to break it open and get busy! Thanks for linking up to Shop The House Sunday and I hope you'll come visit again soon!

Meghan said...

Thankyou!! I'm in love with it - it's seriously my new favorite closet item!! It wasn't a dress though - just remnant fabric I had lying around.

Definitely break it out!! I just started sewing in October - so it gets easier the more you do it. And every time I try something new that I had been "scared" of - I realize how silly I was.

I loved your blog linky party and glad I didn't get booted for not being home related!

Have a great weekend!!

Meghan said...

Just realized why you thought it was a dress into a top....

The two post before that one was about making my Easter dress and I used the same pattern for the dress and the linen top...guess I didn't make that clear. Sorry. ;)


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