Friday, March 12, 2010

The Dream House

I just realized I keep referring to our Dream House but some of you may have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. So a quick tour is in order I think, and I'll spare the you the many before pics. Maybe another day, another post.

Forest Ave Originally 1926 - picture found at the library
Every surface in the house had to be touched. Every single one. Literally. We did some our selves, and hired some out. Because of the sheer amount of wallpaper stripping (every room) and painting - we hired someone and didn't regret it for a minute. We would've saved a bundle of money DIYing it but they did such an AMAZING job - fixing every little problem that arose.

taken on the first day we looked at it
Something else we learned - don't open up the walls (especially plaster walls) unless you absolutely HAVE to. You never know you're going to find and it usually isn't good. Just saying.

after all the exterior painting, gutters, etc. had been done
Not all of these pictures, in fact probably most, are not great quality. They were taken in various stages of light and doneness - don't hold it against me please... :)

view from front door
formal living room

living room to dining room to sunroom

dining room
family room (tv)

downstairs half bath
breakfast room
kitchen, totally gutted
i hand polished this copper hood
oh how I miss this laundry room

upstairs landing

master bedroom

upstairs bathroom
the guest room
our office, upstairs

That's most of it. 3,400 square foot of loveliness. Truth be told though, I only miss it at holidays. I miss having the entire family over for Christmas Eve dinner. We are much happier in our house now and are enjoying turning it into our new dream house.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.


The Brick Cottage said...

It's beautiful! I just love old houses. And that laundry room is dreamy! But 3,400 sq feet sure would be a pain to clean!

Meghan said...

It was terrible to clean!! I had to create a daily schedule just to keep it in some kind of order!!

We loved all the character & quirks it had and even got to meet the owners before us - who had grown up there - it was so neat to hear about it all!


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