Monday, March 22, 2010

Mixing It Up

Sam decided that since it was rainy on Sunday and we couldn't do yardwork, we would spring clean instead. And apparently pepito agreed - he took 2 - 2hour naps for us and then played happily in the walker all day. Success!!

We managed to get the living room, dining room, kitchen, hall and our bedroom totally clean. Top to bottom. Steam mop included. It was a TON of work - but so worth it. There is nothing better than a super clean house.

And then when we got done for the day and pepito was in bed - Sam came back to me on the computer and said he wanted to switch around the living room. I was not so sure it would even work. But in the spirit of being a good wife and indulging him, I said ok.

This is the only full picture BEFORE of the living room and it had much improved since.
His reasoning was that our armchairs are way comfortable but we never used them because it was not a good tv viewing vantage point AND they were always covered in baby paraphernalia. It took about two hours of moving furniture, sitting, looking, talking about it, move some furniture, repeat...but we LOVE the end result!! And we don't have any truly orphan pieces, which is nice.

AFTER! We flip flopped the chair & sofa, lost the blue wing chair which created a nice little nook for all things baby and we put our smallest drum table to use as an 'accessory' piece by the fire place. The petite table from the dining room found a new home by the front door and is perfect for keys, wallet, and the occasional Diet Coke. ;)

In the grand plan, we are going to enlist my Dad to help us mirror the built-in bookcase, creating better symmetry. The secretary moved from behind the front door (where it was never really used) to by the sofa. Perfect spot for it too. We also decided to keep the blue frames (they were starting to bother me even though I wasn't done with the full vision yet) but put all of our prints to good use in them. Attic shopping anyone?! The ottoman from the wing chair even got to stay in the room - and now lives underneath the radio cabinet's drop down door.
The other side of the room, with the french doors, also got a bit of a makeover, but isn't put together enough yet to show...sorry. But, sliding the furniture down to center on the window instead of the bookcase created a lot more open space in front of the front door & french doors. (more space for pepito to run around in!)

Unfortunately, since we borrowed the little table from the dining room - I'm back to square one here. The good part - now pepito has much more room to toodle around in his walker. Plus, the table was getting beat down by the sun and that's no good.
I even made the bed this morning I was so jazzed about our new clean house.
This is the wing chair's new home - not perfect - but it'll have to do. It's so big, there's no where else it would even pretend to fit.
We didn't make it to spring cleaning the office, so excuse the mess, but this is where our pretty little antique green chair ended up. I kinda like it here even though it fit so well in the hall.

So - all in all - great mini makeover! We are tickled with the final result of the living room and are enjoying the cleanliness of spring cleaning!! I should've linked THIS up to Finesse Your Nest - oh well - the party's over now... This was the epitome of shopping your house!! A whole new look and not a dime spent!! (well, except that now I have to fix the dining room....ha!)

And I'm so proud of my husband for thinking outside the box and coming up with something brilliant!!! I know I married him for a reason!! (or hundreds...!)


Pam said...

Your blog is addictive. I love all the photgraphs.

Meghan said...

aww...Thanks Pam! I'm glad you're enjoying it!


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